TUL Top 10: DIY Dresser Transformations

Here it is! My very first DIY blog post for the TUL website- eek! Trying to focus on one topic for the month was ONE OF THE HARDEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE. Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but you should see my Pinterest board – did you know you can upcycle an entire outdoor trampoline?? (Stay tuned for that one!)

After days and days of narrowing it down, I decided to focus this month on something we’ve all seen at thrift stores, garage sales, or abandoned on the curbside: dressers! They’re easy to come by, inexpensive, and provide BIG impact in your home. Don’t have room in your boudoir for another chest of drawers? Fear not! You can repurpose a dresser to fit into any room of your house- guaranteed!

Here are a few helpful tips when hunting for that perfect dresser to upcycle:

  • Look for solid materials.
    A lot of the furniture from the 80s, 90s, and on, are constructed of inexpensive MDF (engineered wood) and cheap veneers. If you’re going to be performing a little surgery on your dresser in order to turn it into something amazing, you’ll want to make sure it survives the transformation in one piece!
  • If you finally found your “before” piece of furniture, but it won’t fit into your two-door sedan, don’t worry!
    Dolly.com is a great resource for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to “have a friend with a truck”. Take a pic and send them a few dimensions of your one-of-a-kind find and they’ll send you a quote for pick-up and delivery! Or, if you’re feeling ambitious and planning a full weekend of projects, you might want to consider an hourly truck rental from your local Home Depot and load it up!
  • Measure twice- possibly three times- and cut once.

    Trust me, I speak from experience and a few upcycling experiments that didn’t quite go according to plan…

So without further ado, here are my Top Ten DIY Dresser Transformations:


  1. Dresser Upcycled Into a Bench



  1. Turn a Curbside Dresser into a Bar



  1. Make a Kitchen Island from a Dresser


  2. Turn a Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity



  1. DIY Play Kitchen

  1. Turn a Dresser into a VW Bus

  1. DIY Pet Feeding and Care Station

  1. Turn a Dresser into a TV Stand

  1. Dresser to Mudroom Bench

  1. Dresser to Desk…really?


About The Author

Interior Designer, Megan Strombel, is the Content Curator for That Upcycled Life. If Megan looks excited to contribute to TUL, it’s because she really, truly is: “It is the passion for the creative process, combined with the creative challenge of “upcycling” that fuels my excitement to be on the TUL team!”

You can expect monthly posts from Megan to keep you on your DIY toes year-round.