TUL Top Ten Ideas for Upcycled Tires

The wheels on the bus go… just about anywhere in your home or yard! While coming up with a topic for this month’s DIY Top Ten List, I thought I would think a little outside of the box (or… circle?) and bring to you some super creative upcycling project ideas using (have you guessed it yet?) TIRES!

With summertime quickly approaching and exciting road-trips on the horizon, many of us may start to think about getting some new tires put on our cars before hitting the road. It’s crazy to think about how expensive they can be and all it takes is one nail puncture or some warn-down treads for them to be considered useless with their normal purpose and function. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your trusty ol’ tires! I cruised around the internet and found some unique ways to take your old wheels for a new spin (okay, that was my last tire pun, I promise!).
So buckle-up and enjoy these Top Ten Ideas for Upcycled Tires.

1. DIY Tire Seating

2. How to Make a Tire Swing!

Build a seesaw from a repurposed tire

3. Hand Painted Tire Table


4. Toy Shelving From Used Tires

DIY Toy Shelves from a Used Tire

5. Turning an Old Tire into a Gorgeous Planter


6. Build a Seesaw Repurposed From a Tire


 7. Recycled Tire Hanging Planter

2 DIY Tire Flower Planter Projects

8. Make a Sandbox From an Old Tire

Make a sandbox with a tire!

9. Adorable Pet Bed From a Recycled Tire

DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire!

10. Rope Ottoman From an Old Tire


About The Author

Interior Designer, Megan Strombel, is the Content Curator for That Upcycled Life. If Megan looks excited to contribute to TUL, it’s because she really, truly is: “It is the passion for the creative process, combined with the creative challenge of “upcycling” that fuels my excitement to be on the TUL team!”

You can expect monthly posts from Megan to keep you on your DIY toes year-round.